The Prudence Management and Development Corporation (PDMC) eyes to leverage the exposure of its products and services further in the global arena.

As a premier manufacturer and exporter of tobacco products and cigarettes, PDMC participates in the World Tobacco Middle East in the Dubai World Trade Center, on October 26 to 27, 2021.

This will be the first major tobacco event to take place in over two years. This will also be an in-person experience amidst the Pandemic, as the event’s objective believes – “Nothing beats face-to-face business”.

The exhibit aims to secure Tobacco industries’ sales platform, whereas more than 5,200 tobacco professionals from 101 countries shall congregate.

PDMC’s objective is to showcase its products and build rapport with potential investors and boost awareness. By initially creating value on a global scale, this exhibit is projected to position PDMC to further scale its market share and brand integrity.

With this global exposure, PDMC will also be able to fortify its relationship and credibility to its existing B2B international clients.

With an arsenal of quality products and services, PDMC believes that it has what it takes to become a dominant player in the tobacco industry in the future.