Bringing True Light this Christmas

Christmas Season is one of the most awaited event of the year in which everyone celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the time of sharing and giving so everyone is busy preparing for activities, buying and shopping together for foods, gifts and decorations. This is also a wonderful opportunity where families and friends unite and bond to celebrate. Unfortunately, all have changed since the manifestation of the Covid-19 pandemic. Plans and dreams have been compromised, consequently we may not celebrate Christmas the way we’ve done it from previous years but helping one another in this time of crisis will keep igniting the true essence of Christmas.

Christmas shopping and dining is a usual activity to celebrate the event. The Valdez Center – located at San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte has a complete choice from various shops, restaurants, food stalls, hotel, mall etc. to cater the demands of the public. If you want to relax in a cozy environment with a sip of coffee, come and visit Tribeca Coffee Shop which is a perfect place to bond with your family and friends. Satisfying Ilocano cravings is made possible with Tara-on Restaurant by Viven Hotel - a restaurant that not only offers Ilocano Cuisine but a hodgepodge of different cuisines locally and even internationally.  If you’re looking for comfort within your reach, Viven Hotel will be a suitable place for the best hangout experience because of its comfortable ambiance, friendly staffs, and sophisticated interior and exterior design. Have a stroll and enjoy an array of food options at the Venvi IT Park which is also a perfect choice for amazing night life like Samgyeopsal moments with friends. If you prefer DIY for your Samgyeopsal cravings, we can offer you great quality bacon cuts plus Kimchi at the Freddo Superstore which offers deliciously fresh products. With the daily life and work demands, you may experience body pains and feel exhausted, so come and relax at the Bare & Bloom or Villareal spa and experience quality massage and relaxation you will never forget. Everyone wants to look good, so if you’re planning to get a haircut or try new look, try out Tyler Mari or Irish Spa to pamper and feel confident with your looks. Lastly, one of the most visited place is the Robinson’s Place Ilocos – one of the largest shopping malls and retail operators in the Philippines. It’s a perfect choice for families and friends to shop for foods, decorations and gifts.

Yes! These are all here, located in one place – the Valdez Center. No need for long walks! We got almost everything you need right here at the heart of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.

Without compromising the safety of customers, we ensure everyone that we conform with all the protocols and guidelines of the IATF because everyone’s safety has always been our top priority. It is our duty to keep you in a safe and disinfected environment. We assure you that all establishments are following strict Covid Protocols.

Together, let us keep the spirit of Christmas alive. Let us aim for peace and most of all, unity. As we unite our common goals to end this Pandemic, we will surely reach the light at the end of the tunnel in no time.

Have a safe and a happy Holiday!