Walking a Silver Lining

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has been a huge test of every company’s perseverance towards its goals and mission. This year, Venvi Group of Companies celebrated its 25th Silver Anniversary, indeed a milestone for the company, even with the cruelty of the pandemic’s presence, resilience then became a resounding factor for survival.

The pandemic has shocked economies; temporary closures of businesses have been implemented to safeguard health and control the spread of the virus. The private sector have cut back production and manpower, some temporarily laid off employees, some worked from home and some on a skeletal workforce.

During these trying times, hospitality and tourism industry fell, hence causing the hotel and restaurant businesses of Venvi to suffer. While the agri-business company of Venvi prospered by supplying the basic needs of the province by its Piggery and Layer Farm, its Meat Processing and Packing Complex and Freddo Meat shop. These businesses greatly contributed especially on the peak of the pandemic as providers of basic needs and relief.

As the Venvi Group of Companies walked along the silvery sands of its 25th year, a lot of things have been compromised. The usual simple and joyous celebration became less of the expected a lot of employees who held on remained grateful and humble towards the circumstance. The companies under Venvi Group still celebrated the event with simple snacks with tokens of appreciation to their staff; some celebrated through Corporate Social Responsibility by donating clothes and goods to the victims of the onslaught brought by Typhoon Ulysses.

 The company has seen through other ordeals and this new struggle has strengthened the fortitude of each and every employee, valuing the importance of camaraderie and understanding. Venvi has stood up against countless battles and ultimately triumphant over these challenges.

The rise of the Covid - 19 has indeed created a huge distortion to all operations, not mentioning the great economic recession this have brought to the nation. Overall, the group remained resilient and steadfast, slowly and gradually achieving the goals it can grasp for the year.

Adapting towards this new normal, these is indeed an alteration of norms and practices. Venvi in this case, gracefully adapted to the situation and eventually gained the upper hand in some instances.

This defining moment has lighted up the silver lining of the 25th year anniversary of Venvi creating a new path towards new goals and opportunities. The Venvi Group of Companies this takes pride in its peat for yesterday, today, and the days to come.