Total Quality Management (TQM) is common sense itself. Defining each term: TOTAL is the make-up of the whole; QUALITY refers to the extent of a product or services’ excellence; and MANAGEMENT is the art and science of planning, implementing, directing, controlling, etc.


TQM is crucial in any organizations’ activities, it may not have any mandate to anyone or anything, but TQM’s profound contribution makes upper management acknowledge its relevance, as it is a practice that governs all efforts and endeavours.


5S as an approach to TQM, Venvi Group of Companies adopted the 5S principles in the day-to-day activities of its offices through the guidance of the Quality Assurance Center (QAC). QAC, as the mother of quality management in Venvi Group of Companies, spearheads the organization’s 5S Competition. This 5S Competition is being conducted annually to continually promote and instill 5S as a way of life in the organization.

Today’s 5S Annual Competition was held on June 13, 2018 at Balai Condominium, Barangay 1, Valdez Center, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. The 5S Competition for this year was the BUILD-A-TAGLINE CONTEST with the theme, “5S: CONTINUAL PROGRESS TOWARDS SUCCESS”. A total of 9 teams joined and represented their respective departments, business units and companies: (1) Venvi Development Corporation (VDC); (2) Venvi Agro Industrial Ventures Corporation; (3) Venvi Realty, Services and Utilities Office (VRSUO); (4) Viven Hotel Corporation; (5) Freddo; (6) Unit 101 which composed of Finance Department, Accounting Department, and Audit Department; (7) Unit 102 which composed of Marketing Department and HR Department; (8) Management Information System (MIS) Department and; (9) Balai Condominium.


This year’s competition encouraged participants to make a tagline in relation of the activity’s theme. Representatives of each group were then advised to present and explain the tagline made and be critiqued by the invited judges from different institutions. Outputs were evaluated with the following criteria: (1) gist or content = 30%; (2) relevance to the theme = 30%; (3) presentation = 30% and; (4) creativity and design = 10%.


Today’s 5S Annual Competition, VDC garnered the 2nd runner-up award; Ms. Abigail Paguyo, Mr. Rocky Ulep and Engr. Wenju Barroga comprises the team and came up with a tagline, “Improvement is Accomplishment”; on a step higher, winning the 1st runner-up award, was the unit 101 – represented by Ms. Jacquelyn Agulay, Ms. Zhannen Andres and Mr. Allen Bolo with the tagline, “Sustained Growth, Guaranteed”. This year’s winning tagline, “We get better the 5S Way”, was conceptualized by no other than VRSUO, bagging the champion award with Ms. Karissa Salengua, Mr. Orly Ulep and Ms. Gemalyn Tariga.


            5S is the 1st step and the foundation of both Total Quality Management (TQM) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). TQM and TPM are different programs but these two methods seem to realize the pertinence of the 5S principles. 5S came from the Japanese words; (1) seiri; (2) seiton; (3) seiso; (4) seiketsu and; (5) shitsuke. These Japanese words when translated to English will mean; (1) sort; (2) systematize; (3) sweep; (4) standardize and; (5) self-discipline. 5S is a Japanese method that helps a company to clean and organize its offices which will be an avenue to uncover problems, making the problems visible in the first step of improvement.

            5S as its mother principle TQM, is like a loop that has no finish line, never-ending process at that. As the most oft-quoted saying in TQM, “QUALITY IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION”. 5S as the first step of TQM, must become a continuing effort that every organization must adopt in order to achieve excellent quality of outputs and processes in the organization.