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365: A Decade and One

2018 marks a special year for Venvi Development Corporation as 365 Plaza celebrates its 11th year anniversary.

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Creating Connections -- Building bridges... together.

Harboring corporate culture and maintaining effective teams through leadership are key factors of a successful business or organization. A group that works in unity will have a ripple effect down through the organization.

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The Nucleus Team

“Have fun! Feel good! For VENVI hurray!

One team! One goal! For VENVI hurray!”

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Education is a prime need for every individual, it is a catalyst in itself for each to achieve a broader range of goals and ambitions in life. While it is true that education is not always the key to success, those who utilize well their education outplays the game of life.

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Freddo opens its 7th Branch

Freddo Meatshop opened its newest branch in Brgy. 50 Buttong, Laoag City located beside Mitsubishi Motors Ilocos and in front of Laoag City General Hospital.

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