The Venvi Way of Handling Customer Complaints

“Rule number 1, the customer is always right. Rule number 2, if the customer is wrong, go back to rule number 1.”

This is a rule rebutted by Mr. Jomarc Yamon – one of the Managers of the 3rd largest BPO company in the Philippines, and the resource speaker for this Seminar Workshop by HRD - “Handling Customer Complaints.”

The Seminar and Workshop on Handling Customer Complaints, was organized and supervised by Ms. Marie Joy Pre, the HR Supervisor of Venvi Group of Companies and was held last September 17, and 24 at the Viven Hotel Function Hall

The seminar worked on building parameters on professional approaches in dealing with various forms of complaints, whether it be from direct or face-to-face confrontation from customers or indirectly through different outlets such as the social media. These approaches, instilled and inherent, were thoroughly presented and explained with actual demonstrations or samples on how to smartly pacify and neutralize unnecessary rages.

Yamon strongly exclaims the balance that must be present between the C-E-O, or the (1) Customers – who expect to always come first; (2) Employees - the front liners who perform the work, most important to be trained; and (3) Owners – who own the business and have expectations from both the customers and the employees. The relationship between these 3 is what breaks the golden rule of “The customer is always right.” Consequently, these are also the same factors that should be considered when deciding on the management style of the business. They are critical to the Complaint Management Process which is discussed and explained during the seminar as well.

Yamon enunciates that, “It is not always about the customers, and no, they are not always right” but customers should be treated professionally or in the right manner, with empathy and patience because businesses exist because of customers. He then further taught the group the De-escalation process - why customers complain, situational management, welcoming complaints, and more.

The entire duration of the seminar came upon clear terms and lessons for everyone, that regardless of our innate beliefs and personal approaches, there are more effective and efficient ways in handling customer complaints that will not jeopardize the business we work for.

One thing Yamon wanted to make sure in executing the “Venvi” way of handling customer complaint is revising the Golden Rule, to wit:

‘Rule number 1, the customer is always right. Rule number 2, if customer is the wrong, we then formulate rule number 3”