Building a great company begins with a single step. It is a road that is much riddled with challenges and obstacles. More often than not, it is also a road that is easily abandoned or less travelled because of the difficulties that lay ahead. However, those that have foresight and vision, remain steadfast in the walk… for the greatest price in every epic battle is not what is at the end of the journey but more on the priceless lessons and values one learns along the way.

The Venvi Group of Companies has established a tradition of setting aside one day every year to enjoin all its employees into a one day Family Day event. This year’s Family Day celebration is its 7th year and was organized with the theme: “Rediscovering the Old and making it New again.” The event is basically a “Laro ng Lahi” or a sportsfest of Ilocano/Filipino games played by employees and their families alike. The objective was to make the ‘millennials’ aware of the simple games played by older generations in their heydays and to share with them the excitement of using all your limbs instead of just your thumbs (as millennials are wont to do with their gadgets nowadays).

The 7th year Family Day of Venvi was held last May 12, 2018, for the qualifying rounds of basketball, and the event itself on May 13, 2018 for the Laro ng Lahi, including the cheer dance competitions, the signing of the memorandum of agreement with Bin-I foundation for college scholarships which is a corporate social responsibility program of Venvi. Playing for the Venvi Agro team was former PBA player, Leomar Najorda who is married to the current QMR of Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures, Corp. and therefore was allowed to be a part of Agro’s basketball team.

At the conclusion of the events, Venvi Agro was hailed the champion for the cheer dance competition, followed by VVH Construction, VRSUO and VDC. Venvi Agro also brought up their A-Game during Laro ng Lahi as they emerged as the champion, followed by VVH Construction, VRSUO and VDC. Venvi Agro was on a winning streak as they also bagged the championship title for basketball final game against VVH Construction.

The question however that one may be asking is, what prompted Atty. Hilario P. Valdez, Chairman and CEO of Venvi Group of Companies, to give the mandate that a Family Day be set aside for employees every year?

As the temporary OIC of the Marketing Department, I believe the answer is really quite simple. Our Chairman wants to instill a sense of “togetherness” in all the business units and to make them realize that aside from their own families, Venvi is also their FAMILY.

It is without a question that the past years have been difficult for Venvi. Its unbelievable growth and expansion has left many in awe especially those who have been pioneers of the conglomerate or those who are privy to the start-up plans of the Chairman. Unfortunately, the travails of growth is just as astounding. From a mere 100 employees to almost a thousand, indeed growth also has its costs. However, the tenacity of the Atty. Valdez cannot be dissuaded and despite the hardships, the bad publicity, the constant problems that arise, he forges on…because to him, Venvi is his FAMILY as well. He knows the number of employees who rely on his businesses in order to bring food to the table. He knows the moms and dads, and even the Kuya’s and Ate’s or aunties, who toil at work in order to send their children, sister, brother, nephews and nieces to school. He knows the dilemma of graduates before who were left with no choice but to settle for menial jobs because none better could be had or those who had to go to Manila in order for find a decent job. He knows. Therefore, the Venvi Family Day is as much a day for the employees as it is a day for the founder of this conglomerate. It is a day where we need to be reminded that we are ONE FAMILY, travelling the same road, towards the same destination, facing the same challenges, reaping the same victories and mourning the same failures. We need to be reminded every now and then, that as far as families go, we are all on the same boat. We must row together lest we sink.

On a last note, it is imperative to remember that the Venvi Family Day is not just a day of fun and laughter. It is not just another event in the calendar for the group. It is a day to renew friendships, to test whether our teams are aligned with the rest of the members. It is a day that values family and teamwork. It is a day where we set aside our personal differences and congratulate each other for a job well done…

For we, as a corporate family, is still here. There are still employees who see beyond the problems and are looking forward and working toward better days. There are still leaders very willing to take up arms and fight for the team. There are still battles that need to be won. The road ahead for Venvi is still long and winding but as long as we maintain the sense of unity and work together as a FAMILY instead of against each other, then surely success is already within our grasp and the completion of the plan is nearing its successful conclusion.