FREDDO Superstore, a Meat processing and Packing Complex, and Viven Hotel are the new big projects of the Venvi Group of Companies.

July 26, 2017, the FREDDO Superstore, located at the eastern side of the Valdez Center (near the San Nicolas Public Market and PNP Station), was inaugurated. FREDDO superstore was expanded wherein meat products come from the new Meat Complex, and pigs from the piggery farm, both operated by Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures, Corp., are not only showcased but also a restaurant serving the same meat products will also be served. The superstore is open from 5AM to 7PM, the entire week.

The Meat Processing and Packing Complex located in Brgy. 6, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte was also inaugurated the following day, July 27, 2017. The complex is fitted out with state of the art equipment and is positioned to be the leading meat processing and packing facility in the far north with a mission to become the first ever Triple A Meat Complex / Slaughter House in the province.

These two (2) business units, the FREDDO Superstore and the Meat Packing and Processing Complex, are both under the flagship of Venvi Agro Industrial Ventures, Corp., with Engr. Jeremiah V. Ancheta at the helm as the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Later on the same day, July 27, 2016, Viven Hotel with its expansion and renovation was also launched. The expansion consisted of increasing the capacity of the hotel from its original of 16 rooms to a new total of 47 rooms comprising of standard rooms, deluxe rooms, executive rooms, and suites. But the expansion is not yet over as the goal of Viven is expand up to a total of 84 rooms by 2018. Viven Hotel exudes a modern and industrialized ambience with a twist of Ilocano affluent heritage and ethnicity. A music Bar, a spa and a salon, including the Ilocos Norte Branch of PAGCOR’s Casino Filipino are conveniently located within the building.

This feat of the Viven Hotel is overseen by the Operation Manager of the Venvi Development Corporation, Ms. Melba J. Buday and managed by Ms. Jovy Edly Agbisit, the hotel manager.

The three (3) separate but equally significant inaugurations was attended by VIPs composing of business partners, local entrepreneurs, government officials, media and other stakeholders relevant to the industries.

On top of these series of achievements, the visionary CEO / President of the Venvi Group of Companies, Atty. Hilario P. Valdez, has been actively leading the group into various developments and economical milestones that benefit not only the town of San Nicolas, but also the entire province of Ilocos Norte. These developments do not only cater exclusively to corporate visions and missions of the group, but also and more importantly, for the improvement of the lifestyle of the local community and the economy of the province.