Office Address:
Brgy. 21, San Nicolas

Number of vacancy:


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Production Team Technician: care and well-being of sows and piglets during the 0-7 days period after farrowing.
  • Sow Monitoring Technician: Herd health Monitoring; Medication; Vaccination
  • Piglet Management and Weaning Team Leader: Piglet and (sow monitoring) 14 days Post-Farrowing, feeding, and Weaning
  • Monitors feeds consumption of each batch of animals; mortality per batch; morbidity of diseases or stress; feeds conversion ratio; average daily feeds intake.


  • Graduate of BS in Agriculture/Agricultural Engineering / With NC 2 in Animal Production (Piggery)/ Senior High School Graduate are welcome to apply.
  • With or without experience in the field.
  • Willing to be assigned and stay in a Biosecurity Facility