Office Address:
Brgy. 21, San Nicolas

Number of vacancy:


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Vaccinate/Medicate/Supplement pullets in accordance with set programs
  • Give medication to pullets as directed by the Supervisor or Head making sure of the kind and dosage of the medicine to cure the chicks/pullets.
  • Maintain chicks/pullets in good health and uniformity by ensuring proper test weight procedure; separate sick pullets, isolate and identify unproductive and report to supervisor for further action
  • Perform activities for brooding operation to include vaccination, medication, debeaking and test weight
  • Ensures that all tools and materials to be needed in the operation during activities are all complete and operational
  • Medical Technician Team shall perform the operation inside the laboratory to prevent spread of disease or cross contamination to the birds


  • Graduate of BS in Agriculture/Agricultural Engineering / With NC 2 in Poultry Production/ Senior High School Graduate are welcome to apply.
  • With or without experience in the stated field.
  • Willing to be assigned and stay in a Biosecurity Facility