The Nucleus Team

“Have fun! Feel good! For VENVI hurray!

One team! One goal! For VENVI hurray!”

On team-building1June 15, 2018, despite the threat of possible heavy rainfall and heavy winds, the small group of main office employees of VENVI went on its 2nd year Teambuilding Activity with Ms. Emma A. Salamante, HR Supervisor as the main proponent for the activity.

The group was divided into 2 teams, namely the Gteam-building2reen Team with its leader, Mr. Jay Natividad, and the Ponkan Team, headed by Mr. Froilan Rogero. Jay and Froilan are both messengers of the main office however, for this day, they were given the leadership roles which they took on courageously and candidly.

The highlights of this teambuilding activity includes the full participation in almost all of the games by Mr. Jesus Sevilla, one of the pioneers of Venvi under the company, VSA Customs Brokerage. Sir Jess, as we fondly call him, eagerly took on the challenges as a young man of 30 and was able to compete aggressively with men twice his age. In spite of our efforts to protect him from too strenuous games, he was adamant and insistent that he could perform – and he did to our utter amazement! Our Chief of Staff, Mr. Rafael T. Cabanawan also participated in some of the games together with Mr. Ferdinand Mercado, another pioneer employee from VSA Customs Brokerage. Another active participant, who is also one of the pioneers, is Ms. Mariza C. Ramos, Group Audit Head.

But team-building3the best highlight of the activity is the effortless way officers, managers and supervisors take off their cloak of authority and step down without a qualm to an equal level with all the staff at the head office. During all of the games, a sense of camaraderie is so evident it might as well have been marked on everyone’s forehead. The competition and the urge to win in the different games is very evident mind you however, it is tempered with a kindred sense of unity and friendship. Teambuilding activities are designed to break down walls (if they exist) and create a sense of teamwork (if it doesn’t exist) but clearly at the main office, there are no walls to break down and the teamwork is running as smooth as a sailboat on a clear sky day and because of this, the games were simply fun and the day was just a time to get away from the toxicity of the our workloads.

All in all, the teambuilding 2018 of Venvi Main Office is another triumph for the wealth of memories and shared laughter captured in each moment. At the end of the day, both teams agreed on the following reflections manifested in all of the games:

In order to be working well as a unit, there must be TRUST. Trust in the leader who prepares the plans and does the strategic thinking. Trust in the members who share their inputs during collaboration. Trust in each other that as the plans are being executed, each member is doing the role that has been assigned to them to the best of his/her ability.

There must also be MOTIVATION and COACHING. Sometimes things do not go as planned and it is okay. It is up to us to motivate each other to continue the fight and not to give up. We must also learn to accept that sometimes, our team members make mistakes but we should not bring them down or call them out for it. Rather, we should learn to encourage each other, help each other, the strong helping the weaker link so that together we achieve the goal we are aiming for as a team. An encouraging word goes a long way in boosting the morale of any team member.

And last but definitely not the least, we should not forget to have FUN! There must always be a balance between our work and our personal lives so that we can grow not only as an employee but as a rounded human being creating value not only to the place where we work but to the world as a whole.

An accolade is also given to Mr. Jay Natividad, for again leading his team to VICTORY 2 (two) years in a row!

As a final note, I would like to say that it is without a doubt that the Venvi Main Office is a nucleus of busy bodies who know how to work together as a single unit. And just like the cheer shared by our facilitators at Quest, we did

“Have fun! Feel good! For VENVI hurray!

One team! One goal! For VENVI hurray!”