Education is a prime need for every individual, it is a catalyst in itself for each to achieve a broader range of goals and ambitions in life. While it is true that education is not always the key to success, those who utilize well their education outplays the game of life.

Venvi Group of Companies expands and relaunches its Scholarship Program, an educational advocacy of its Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2015, the Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures Corporation started as the pilot company of the program and accommodated one Scholar. As the school year 2015-2016 marked its end, the k-12 program was thereby launched thus a halt for incoming freshmen. It was then the moment to monitor the progress of the program and the management saw that the advocacy was indeed a socially responsible program.

Now striking the 3rd year milestone of the program, Venvi Group of Companies has decided to include all other Business Units in Ilocos Norte to join the pool. The shared value now entwines Venvi Realty Services and Utilities Office, Venvi Development Corporation, VVH Construction, Venvi Holdings Corp., and of course Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures Corp to give birth to a stronger and more elaborate Venvi Scholarship tied up with the Bin-I Express Foundation of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.

The founder of the Bin-I Express Foundation, Dr. Alfredo P. Valdez Jr. agreed with Venvi Group of Companies to allow interested scholars to apply even those who are not from San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte as the original and main policy of Bin-I’s Scholarship. Therefore, Venvi Scholarship now also caters to scholars not limited to children of Venvi employees but also to those who are deemed deserving both financially and the extent of their tenacity.

The Business Unit heads namely: Engr. Jeremiah V. Ancheta of Venvi Agro; Engr. Francisco Wyne Butay of VVH Construction; Mr. Ed Mar Vincent Bonoan of VRSUO, Ms. Melba J. Buday of Venvi Development Corporation, and Mr. Rafael T. Cabanawan of Venvi Holdings Corporation and the Chief of Staff of Venvi, have formally signed the Memorandum of Agreement which entails the pact between Venvi and Bin-I Express Foundation.

The scholarship builds up the buds into sprouts and hoping to become towering trees and lead the industry. The advocacy clears a certain path for the students to become financially supported and their determination to set the morale in their respective journeys.

As the vision of the president of Venvi Group of Companies, Atty. Hilario P. Valdez, developing people in understanding the purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility draws a core value in the heart of every Business Unit. Infusing empathy, compassion, and philanthropy makes every single employee understand what CSR is all about, the resolve to help and the drive to advance.